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Dating in the closet
  1. What It Feels Like To Date Someone Who's Still In The Closet
  2. What It Feels Like To Date Someone Who's Still In The Closet
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What It Feels Like To Date Someone Who's Still In The Closet

But guys? Come on, what for? But when you notice he dresses kinda funny, or not manly enough, you could be in for a big surprise. Most gay men can be spotted miles away if you have the nose for them. Do you remember Jesse Powell? Does your boyfriend remember him too? Men rarely exteriorize their feelings, and crying is something probably only 2 or 3 percent of them choose to do when in public, especially in front of their better half.

But do straight men hug their male friends, maybe kiss them on the cheek or tend to blush around them?

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Or he might just be interested in the color of her bra — he loves purple too! Most closet homosexuals show a great tendency to do just that, in order to protect their true identity and banish all the suspicions that might be floating around about them. Sure he might be a Metrosexual who loves to shine all the time with his attitude, clothes, haircut, nails, clean face…you get the picture.

Signs A Guy Might Be Gay

He might be a normal guy who is really into creams and lotions, perfumes and hair gel, waxing and plucking his eyebrows. Leg waxing, really? No straight guy is ever going to agree with all of these rituals.

What It Feels Like To Date Someone Who's Still In The Closet

If you notice your boyfriends dance moves are kind of flamboyant and feminine you should probably get a little suspicious, I mean what straight guy do you know that puts a hump in his back and shakes his rump??? Of course, just like pretty much anything else in life, you need to see it for yourself before you can believe it, right?

Well, let me tell you: Signing you up!

So what exactly were those "peculiar circumstances"? Well, I was dating an emotionally flawed year-old 10 years my junior in the closet emotionally flawed, who, unfortunately, was ashamed of his sexuality. Of course, he had many valid reasons for not coming out.

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He was uncomfortable telling his family and friends about us, as he was scared he would be treated differently after the "gay revelation. He was also concerned about the unfair, stereotypical labels society has pushed on gay people. I most certainly shared his views and was miffed we lived in a society that essentially forced us to wear a "Hello! I am gay" name badge. But without the label, I was just a secret, and after a while, being a secret was a label I was not comfortable with.

That is, until a pedestrian would emerge from the shadows, and we were back to being just " friends " again.

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All we wanted to do was lie in each other's arms under the warmth of a duvet, but since we both still lived at home with family, those moments never happened. Despite my hatred for the concept of " normal ," all I wanted at the time was to be a "normal" couple.